Rosie Tatchell

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About Rosie


Rosie's paintings strike a fascinating note between 'old master' and 'contemporary' . It's wonderful to see such prowess in one so young.

Rosie studied in Florence for three years at the Charles H Cecil Studio. Here she learnt the traditional approach to seeing and painting, learning portraiture and life drawing., through the technique of sight-sizing. Capturing the subject before her with wonderful precision, the warmth and glow so enchanting in her paintings is from her studies of mediums, glazes and varnishes. Rosie's paintings shine like they have hidden light within them.

We fell in love with her beautiful work and are thrilled that Rosie has placed her rich and subtle painting with us. Alongside these oils are pastel landscapes also shimmering  with light and colour.

Rosie's success is already remarkable. Selling virtually every work in 6 days at her latest London show.

We are delighted that Rosie has chosen Imagianation to show her work here in Bath.