Our World Class Packaging

Your purchase is in the Safest Hands...

We are the SAFEST on packaging, NOT necessarily the CHEAPEST! We charge just the costs.

Pricing Categories:

  • 2nd class post - cheap and no waiting in to sign for receipt. If too large for your letterbox it will be taken to the nearest sorting office.
  • UK Next Day - by a courier, usually APC.
    Small items go in an overnight bag
    Larger items/prints are boxed in cardboard/hardboard or a tube
  • Mixed Items apply if you order, say, a print and a piece of jewellery.The packing is very different so we charge for the most expensive item and send other items separately packed in the same delivery.
  • Named Day: you pick a day when you want to receive the delivery and we will time the dispatch to match that day.
    Note: not 100% reliable for 1st/2nd class post

Please choose a day that allows us enough time to order/make the print or obtain the jewellery item.


Original and Textured Paintings... sent safely across the world

We make hand-made hardboard cases to safeguard your art.

Every painting has arrived perfectly, so far, in 6 years.

It takes time and care but we have the equipment and skills to make a box accurately and easily...

  • quick for us to make
  • clever design to protect your textured painting from surface damage caused by wrapping
  • easy to unpack! No tools needed.

See how we do it:

  1. We slice up the pieces, using our amazing Keencut Excalibur! Cuts hardboard like butter... well, rather cold butter, I suppose! Accurate to less than a millimetre.
  2. Because of the precision cutting, and the clever foamboard spacers, we need only tape the sides of the box to the base and top for a rigid box that you only have to peel off the tape to open.
  3. Your painting rests in bubblewrap, needing just four pads, carefully placed to avoid texture, to prevent movement within the box. The lid is held at least 4cm away from the surface, more for larger paintings. Neat.

Finally we wrap the box in energy-absorbing corrugated cardboard, stick on lots of annoying FRAGILE tape and ask the couriers to put no weight on top.

We send you unpacking instructions. You can find a copy here.  See also our hanging instructions.

Your Print - Simple and Safe

No need for a box. For gift presentation or mounted prints that need to be sent flat, we put tight-fitting,
1cm foam strip round the edge, sandwich it between two sheets of hardboard and keep it safe in energy absorbing corrugated cardboard. Just don't slice into the sides too deep with your stanley knife when unpacking!

Or a tube ... a paper print that you will be taking straight to a framer can be sent rolled in a tube. We use bigger, wider tubes that do not curl up your print too much. Just be ultra careful not to 'kink' the print, as you will never be able to remove it... use two hands always.

Your Framed Print - Look! No Glass!

Couriers hate glass-framed prints and refuse insurance. So, our clever framer uses a non-glass type of glass!  A tough form of perspex called styrene is light and unbreakable. You can always have real glass popped in by your local framer at any time in the future.