A Tribute to our Artists

What we want you to EXPERIENCE with us...

We want you to enjoy the imagination and skill of our artists; their widely different interpretations of landscape, seascape and wildlife, and their wildly different techniques; from intricate fine pen drawings to splattering and pouring on giant canvases,

Each working individually with their preferred tools: palette knives, hands, brooms... using every sort of media and with every size of brush imaginable...

There's so much from the exceptional & original artists of the South West Cornwall; to mention a few amongst the many talented and orginal artist on view here and that delight the thousands and thousands of visitors to St Ives...... do enjoy:

  • the astonishing detail and originality of the pen wildlife drawings of Jon Tremaine;  and the gloriously expressive and uplifting flowerscape paintings of Yvonne Coomber.....the delicate blossoms and enchanted landscapes created by Izumi Omori.
  • the bold colour and crisp composition of John Horsewell's sunny beaches and stormy moorlands; and the expansive oils and acrylics of Dick Smith's landscapes, tracks through meadows and paths in the bluebell woods.
  • young artist Kit Johns evokes the wildness and moods of the sea in inks & oils, with sand & driftwood; the contemporary paintings of Port Isaac's Martin Dempsey have a stylish, design focus
  • enjoy the colourful comedy and illustrative skill of Doug Hinge's quirky takes on St Ives & London, guaranteed to bring a smile......and illustrator David Stansfield's equally whimsical boats and campers
  • favourite Cornish locations are painted in rich vibrant colour by Gilly Johns, and with lovely observational realism and detail by Elisabeth Clarke; Both gallery owners in their own right, we are proud to sell their signed prints here.
  • Phil Dyke's oils of St Ives have a beautiful harmonious sense of composition & colour and Val Long skilled handling of watercolour captures the play of light & shadow on much loved St Ives scenes.
  • wintery seascapes in thick oils and beautiful transluscence are by Mary Allen while Sally Bassett translates the energy of foaming seas into the thickest of contemporary oils ( even with the use of a broom...) Sid Cann's amazing oils also capture the power of the ocean and movement of breaking waves.
  • East Cornwall's chic colourful raku pots by Chris Hawkins and much sought after darling animal ceramics by his partner, Chloe of Glazed & Amazed....
  • the original designs and skilled craftsmanship of Isles of Scilly jeweller Rebecca Smith; and the classic serpentine in classic settings by Robert Casley from the Lizard, Cornwall's most southerly point.

We hope you do too! Explore!