Lizard Serpentine Spring Bangle

Stone Colour:  

The ONLY CORNISH SERPENTINE Jewellery that we know of.

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Gallery Code:  RC1
Artist:  Robert Casley

RC1 • Serpentine & Silver Plate

A double strand bangle; an elegant shape for the stone  - and lovely on the wrist.

Wrist size: 6 1/2" Medium. Wrist measurement plus approximately 1/2"

Please bear in mind that, as serpentine is a natural stone, it is difficult to give exact colours and the colours listed are only a rough guide.  

Also, as we only have so many pieces of jewellery  in stock at any one time, it may be that we have to ask Robert to make one specifically for you, which will lengthen the delivery time.  If this is the case, we will contact you to let you know.