Getting the Best from our Online Shop

One thing to understand!

There are 'Search pages' ... and ... 'Artist pages'...

Search pages - 4 across

  • ...come up when you click on 'Browse by Price' , View Everything' , 'All Prints' etc. – or you make a search.
  • Great for looking around! Finding unexpected things. They are organised by references, not by artist.  Different - not very typical of art gallery websites but more like walking into an art gallery. We hope you enjoy this.
  • You can then refine your list by interesting ways, like location (type of scene, or place), or just size, and price...

Artist Collection pages - single rows

If you know the artist you want to look at, this is the way to go.  You get rows of one piece to let you concentrate a bit more.

You can look at the categories of art by each artist.

These pages are from the menu choices under Artist's Collections.

Don't Miss!

Little useful things! Here are a few:

  • 'View as One Page' - top right of grids and rows pages. Get rid of annoying paging, next page, etc.- just scroll down and down. But you have to whizz back to the top again...!  As you prefer!
  • Wish List - you can make a list of things you like for Christmas or birthday present ideas, and send it to people! Maybe for Wedding Present Lists? Up to you how you use it; our daughter sends us wish lists all the time!
  • "Tell a Friend" is another way of communicating. Click on this and a message will be sent to an email address you give, with a link. Nice if you want to share an experience, or suggest something that someone you know might like.

MOST OF ALL, we take very careful photos of each piece.
Please go to the detail page of something you like and see it in glorious close-up...