Our Industry-leading Print Quality

Imagianation Fine Art Prints are extraordinarily lifelike -> this is a tiny 2 cm detail from a 1m high print

Would you like your print to be made on the

  • BEST PRINTER, using the
  • BEST INKS, on the
  • BEST PAPERS in the world?

We are experts in photography and fine art printing.

And, yes, they are 'giclée' – an overused term that in fact only means 'printed by spray' !!

What is the secret?

The best materials and equipment – we are perfectionists.

It starts with the image...

We photograph paintings using Nikon professional close-up lenses: the image opposite is a tiny detail of a much larger print. The result is prints that are like looking at an original. Our own gallery staff have had to check which is the original and which is the print. Prints like this are exciting...

We photograph, not scan, to get more lifelike prints that show natural texture.Scanning picks up too much distracting surface of the paper.

Are all the prints offered by imagianation like this?

If printed by us, then yes. Some artists use other printers whose work they have valued for many years. Look on the information page of each image to see the description by the artist of their print quality.

About our print quality

If you see imagianationprints as the print supplier, you will receive a print made with 

  • pigment inks stated to have a life of 200 years (manufacturer's figures) or at least 86 years (independent scientific tests).
  • the most modern papers and canvases, developed by a bright young team in California to be the best in the world;
    you will receive a certificate of testing indicating at least 80 years before any fading or discolouration of the paper or canvas.
  • a technology-leading varnish applied to all canvases - which can also protect paper prints that are to be floating-framed without glass (normally considered too unstable).

And - did we mention that the colours are beautiful?  The best.  How?
Our printer's pigment inks go beyond the standard four colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black, adding orange and green to bring out extra richness in sunsets, landscapes, and every shade of a painting. The best 'gamut range' (printable colour range) available. And... the modern technology papers we use just make the prints look ... beautiful...

So... higher prices?

NO!  Our world-leading USA supplier has created the latest generation of archival quality papers and canvases without the enormous prices hitherto charged by the German and UK 'names'. No need to pay their prices for the best ... you'll see!

Also we keep the costs to the minimum by basing our printing prices on only the exact amount of ink and paper needed.

Can we make prints of your photographs?

Yes, we can make prints of your own photographs or paintings, to these same high standards. You'll get something to give or to keep for a lifetime - maybe for many generations.

We are always happy to hear from new artists. Have a look at the amazing detailed prints that David Prior has commissioned from us and is selling through us exclusively. Or Izumi Omori's canvas prints with hand-finished sparkle!

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