Policies on Refunds, Discounts etc.


Buying online requires you to have confidence.

You can be sure that we have always offered a full refund for art that doesn't quite work as you hoped.

In fact you are better to buy now and take a chance, rather than wait and see someone else buy the piece you love.  If it doesn't suit your home, or the jewellery stone is not as you expected or hoped, no problem.

The only conditions are that it is returned within 7 days – and it is 'as new'.
That means if you were the person to buy it next, you would not be able to detect that it wasn't straight from the artist.

Best if you return an item in the packaging in which we sent it to you, as we know it is sturdy enough. We don't mind how you get it back to us but it has to be perfect and re-saleable. Otherwise we cannot give a full refund and may not be able to give a refund at all, depending on the condition.

Photograph the item carefully before you return it to us. We will do the same on receipt. That way we avoid any possible dispute about the condition.

Only three refunds requested in 6 years!  That tells you how much our artist's work is enjoyed and appreciated in real life.


We do not give discounts at all on prints, and very rarely on originals, for three reasons:

  1. The artists set the price and do not like galleries to alter it.
  2. The artists have worked long and hard to create the work and most of them in the south west are quite penniless!
  3. Most people would not ask for a discount, especially timid people with no business experience. The people who do ask for a discount are usually the very people who least need one! We think it is unfair to give discounts just for the asking, so we don't!

However ... artists are sometimes willing to sell their work below the list price, so if you want to make an offer, if you genuinely cannot meet the full price, we will ask the artist if they will accept it. You would have to call us to discuss it, give us your best price to take to the artist - and a good story, if you want to soften their heart!

Quantity discounts are sometimes considered 'normal'. But the artist has put just as much time and effort into making each single painting, so quantity discounts do not apply like other commodities.