Care of your Art

Location: fireplaces, radiators, bathrooms... sunlight...

Can art hang above a fireplace or radiator?  Answer –  as long as there is a shelf or mantelpiece below it, the hot air flow will be dispersed around and away from the painting or print.

People ask about display in bathrooms. Answer -  damp will cause mould to form eventually, so we can't recommend it; at your own risk!

Direct sunlight is considered to cause art to fade and paper to yellow – but the time scale varies.... see below.


Framed prints behind glass are quite well protected but displaying them in bright sunlight will tend to shorten their life and lead to fading and yellowing of the paper. The speed of this process depends on the print paper and the type of finish.

See our information page on Imagianation Prints for how good this can be!

Check with each artist's prints what they recommend.

Acrylic Paintings

This medium is quite robust and light-fast. As for bathrooms, the same advice applies as above. The canvas will be subject to mould and rot, even if the painted surface looks as though it is surviving.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings take a long time to dry – months for thickly applied paint.