Ami Derbyshire

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About Ami 

We sold two pieces of Ami’s ceramic designs within minutes when they first arrived in the gallery on 22nd August. We love the originality, design, and imagination of all the pieces that she has made.

It has long been Ami’s dream to live in Cornwall and she is now based in Newquay.

Ami has a degree in ceramic design from Staffordshire, the heart of the potteries, Stoke-on-Trent. She is a very talented young ceramicist.

These lovely fluted vases, rose bud vases, Pomp caddies and bells are beautiful decorative pieces with a romantic and vintage style. Ami inspiration was imagining what Marie Antonoinette would have in her boudoir.  She has even placed Marie Antoinette in a teapot in the one-off original piece: “Tea’d up”.

Each piece is slip cast with handbuilt elements like the roses: not one the same. She designs the images, uses transfers to place the illustration on the vase, and glazes in soft pastel colors: pinks, creams, greens.

We are delighted to be her first gallery in Cornwall, and delighted too by the affordability of her pieces. All artists set their prices here: start collecting before Ami’s prices go up!

We wish you joy in taking home one of her gorgeous pieces today.