Izumi Omori

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About Izumi 

Japanese born Izumi has been living in Cornwall for nearly 20 years. She expresses the emotions we all feel about nature, bringing them to life before our eyes.

People feel love and beauty from her pictures – which is not surprising as she uses wonderful natural and organic materials mixed in her paint, and she paints in a state of open-ness to the spiritual guidance that we all could find if we listened less to our noisy minds! Izumi uses pure water from the local spring at Sancreed, said to have healing powers, to mix her paint with, as well as ground sea shells to give texture. Izumi is a qualified Reiki healer so there are many subtle energies that emanate from her work.

Izumi was born at the foot of Mount Fuji and makes the most of her Japanese influences as she reacts to and expresses the beauty of West Cornwall. "Japanese delicacy with Cornish strength" has been said about her!

Izumi lets the pictures develop as they wish in their own time, and so every picture becomes a living thing that speaks to our hearts and minds in its own language. Her pictures are much prized by collectors and we invite you to join those lucky people who have one of her paintings at home.

Here is a glimpse into Izumi's studio...