Janet Jordan

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About Janet

Extraordinary etchings... warm and witty, and beautifully executed in this difficult medium.

Janet tells us:

Much of my work uses the natural world for inspiration, but often in a quirky way. I have many influences, from all kinds of places and cultures; for instance I am interested in combining text with images, so that they become an integrated whole, much in the same way that William Blake did with his 'Songs of Innocence and Experience'.

I spend most of my time making etchings, which I find the most exciting and sometimes unpredictable medium. Once I have made an etching plate, I produce prints using different colours and a variety of papers; some of these I also hand paint. Some designs work so well when hand-coloured that they only exist in this form. And because new colours are mixed each time, they are in effect 'originals'.

My work has been selling regularly for many years from a variety of galleries and exhibitions.