Jon Tremaine

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About Jon

Jon Tremaine is a Cornish-born wildlife artist. He has created a riveting and unique style of animal art, creating shading and texture from smaller drawings of other animals within the main drawing.  He uses the finest 0.1mm nib that fits in an Isograph indian ink pen, which allows great detail on Bristol card, but is totally unforgiving.

Jon’s drawing is mainly self taught. His fundamental approach is extremely analytical, but he says that this is coupled with enormous excitement he feels for the challenges of his unique approach.

His pictures take months to draw. He has picked his first few species for their different appeals – “the otter for its friendly face, the heron for its stealth-like posture and the kingfisher for its royal magnificence.” 

Jon visits our gallery two or three times a year to talk about his work and sign/dedicate prints to you or your loved ones!  Do let us know if you would like to receive an invitation by email to his next Saturday with us – no marketing spam, promise!

Truly wonderful work by a man who has become master of his art over the last ten years.