Tamsyn Salt

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About Tamsyn

Tamsyn's originality and talent has given her a devoted group of collector's in Bath. This is the first time her work has been shown in some years.  A previous show in Bath at "Out of the Blue" gallery was a sell-out.

Tamsyn's dreamlike images look like they are drawn from the rock, cave paintings or an ancient manuscript Her drawing and imaginative skills are second to none having been honed at the Slade School of Art. Close study of the texture reveals layers of imagery and a sense of the marvellous and mystical.

Her process involves applying natural plant and metal oxide pigments to fine calico. Tamsyn's imagination sees images om the resultant textures and patterning and brings them to life as the painting evolves...

January 2020: Tamsyn is taking a break from commercial art, but do contact us if you would like to hear the latest developments in Tamsin's beautiful work..